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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ahh a new year once again!

And here we are once again.  A new year in which to do the wrong thing, the right thing, and the incredibly stupid things.  Hey, what can I say?  It's exactly like the old saying "I'm my own worst enemy."  Well, I am at that sometimes, but along the twisting path that I stride I seem to become very adept at not only doing those thing, but doing something so incredibly assinine that it warrants some share time and perhaps some confession?

Moments of clarity seem to pop into my head now and then, and when they do it isn't a lightbulb turning on, it's more often a smack to the back of my head with a very Homer Simpson like "DOH!" resounding through my brains.  If I could master the timing of these moments I am positive that I would be something quite astounding, but alas that's not the way that life treats us.  However painful or terribly enlightening these moments may be, they usually impart a certain understanding, that moment of clarity, or just the realization that yes dude....  You are that stupid. 

There seems to be a taste, or a feeling that the written word conveys so much better than the spoken word.  Often I find that I cannot seem to express just exactly how, or just what the feeling was with words as well as I would like to.  Also, taking the time to type things out gives you the opportunity to read again what it was that you thought was so inspiring or entertaining and realize "Oh damn...  I really shouldn't have shared that." 

So what the hell right?  Why not.  I've got a few things planned for this wonderful year that we are now in that will warrant a trendy little blog, and honestly, perhaps with the sharing of the stupid we will get me closer to a cure, or at the very least feed the beast that is the telling of my story.  The isn't just my story however, it's also yours.  Those of you in my life have helped to create me as I am. And yes, I am blaming you.  How's it go?  I am the sum of my experiences?  That quote has gone through musical meaning, literature, heavy heavy meaning of life type stuff.

It may apply to me also, but wow, the consequences eh?

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